IES-Library, Foreign Language Unit
Foreign Language unit of the Library of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies is situated in the first floor of the Institute, former Genete Leul Palace of the Emperor Haileselassie.
The foreign language collections of the library is organized separately in order to preserve the materials and serve the users efficiently. The library collects, organizes, preserves and provide services for published and unpublished documents on Ethiopia written in several foreign languages, of which English, French, Italian, German account for the most part.

The library consists rare and best collections of about 30,000 Books, Monographs, Manuscripts, Pamphlets, Conference Proceedings, Dissertations, Theses, Senior Essays and Miscellaneous collections.

Our rare collections are dated back to 17th century. Some of them are:

Lettere Annve Di Ethiopia, 1628
The Travelers of the Jesuits in Ethiopia ,1710
Grammatica aethopica, 1702
Seu Lexion Amharico Latinum Cum indice Latino, 1698
Iobi Ludolfi alia’s Leutholf ad suam Historiam, 1681
Sive, jubi Ludolfi I.C. lexicon aethiopico Latinum, 1661
Some of our Ethiopian rare collections:

A Life of Teklehaymanot in version of Debralebanos and the Miracles of Teklehaymanot … with illuminated plates 1906.
The miracle of the blessed virgin Mary and the life of Hanna, with illuminated plates, 1661
The lives of MabaSeyon and GebraKristos with illuminated plates, 1898